Pressure Cleaning Information 

Low Pressure or Soft Washing 

Low pressure cleaning or soft washing is performing exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure then most pressure cleaning companies are associated with. The pressure coming out is no more then that of squeezing your thumb over the end of a garden hose. There are times when the high pressure method is needed to clean. This high pressure method is more commonly used on concrete and paver driveways. Using the soft washing method prevents damage to the home's exterior such as paint chipping, screens being shredded, vinyl siding damaged/knocked loose, or water being forced through seals in doors/windows. Using the soft washing method and our specially designed soap/water mixture will give your exterior superior results. ​​

Concrete Pressure Cleaning  

 ​Concrete is like a sponge and is very susceptible to an array of environmental contaminants. To ride the concrete of these contaminants we use a "Surface Cleaner". It is a concrete cleaning machine that can cover a large area at a faster rate and cleans more accurately than using the typical wand. This assures we get your property done in a timely manner.

Oil Stained Concrete

We often get asked "Can you remove oil stains from my concrete?" The answer is yes, and maybe no. Many factors go into if oil can be removed from concrete. The most important factor is how long the oil has been on the concrete. Long term oil stains are almost impossible to remove completely. They can be removed enough to were only a shadow of the oil stain is visible in most cases. Another question is what type of oil is it? And finally how porous is the concrete? With all of these factors going into the removal of an oil stain, it is hard to be able to tell someone if an oil stain can be removed completely. The only true way to be able to tell is for us to evaluate it. 

Rust Stained Concrete 

 ​​Like oil stains, rust stain removal deponds on many factors. What is the rust stain caused by? How porous is the concrete? Fertilizer rust stains are one of the more difficult to remove completely. Granules left on concrete from fertilizing the yard or leaking from a potted plant can be one of the hardest rust stains out there. Most of the time these rust stains cannot be completely removed, but can be lightened to a faint shadow. Rust stains from a piece of outdoor furniture can usually be removed with no problems. The only true way to be able to tell if a rust stain is removeable is for us to evaluate it. ​​